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15+ Cool Lavender Hairstyle Ideas You Will Love

Lavender hair is one of the most versatile styling ideas that one can consider having. With a range of colors to choose from, one has the freedom to explore a range of coloring ideas that they find to be appealing. Regardless of the length and texture of your hair, you can explore the ideas shared here for that amazing outlook.

Beautiful Lavender Hair Ideas

Lavender hair is so adorable considering the range of colors it comes in. The combination of black and purple below looks magnificent.

Ash blonde and subtle shades of purple are just adorable. The hairstyle below reflects nicely on the wearer with the length also enhancing its overall outlook.

Such an adorable hairstyle with the length bringing dimension to the style. The colors used blend quite well and creates such a cool contrast.

A blend of ash blonde and purple looks magnificent. The styling used also curves the face beautifully. If you want something that has the potential of enhancing your outlook then this style is it.

The hairstyle below shows a beautiful blend of colors. Each shade blends well and shows a nice contrast. The styling is also great and makes the design to stand out.

Color has a way of adding life to a hairstyle and the lavender hair color below is just adorable. If you’re not very confident with the bright color then you can combine it with a preferred color for a more adorable outlook.

Simple and elegant are the best words to describe the hairstyle below. The mid part brings dimension to the style and makes it standout.


Gorgeous and sexy are the best words to describe the style below. It takes working with a professional hair stylist if you’re to pull that lavender hair outlook.

Color has been used in such a creative way with the upper color and that at the end creating a beautiful contrast. The length of the hair also makes the hairstyle standout.

Beautiful lavender hair ideas

Beautifully layered hair with the shoulder length making it pop. The colorful hairstyle frames the face nicely and brings attention to the facial features.

Wavy layers adds beauty to the below lavender hairstyle with the aspect of color also making it standout.

When choosing lavender shades, its vital that you go for a blend of colors that makes your style pop. The colors used in the hairstyle below is just gorgeous and worth trying out.

Nothing enhances ones overall outlook like addition of bright color to a hairstyle. The short lavender hairstyle below looks adorable.

A blend of brown and purple is just magnificent. The length of the hairstyle is also cool and makes it standout.

Before you settle for any hairstyle you should take into account your facial structure and length of hair. The style below is cute with the subtle way in which color has been used.

Right from the length of the hair to the styling used, the style below is just magnificent. The subtle grey colors used look adorable and makes it standout.

As you opt for lavender hair ensure that you settle for colors that blend well. The hairstyle below looks adorable with style framing the face so beautifully.